My secret star at Light & Building 2014

My secret star at Light & Building 2014

Create „a lamp you could fall in love with“ – that is exactly what Inma Bermúdez did when designing „Follow Me“. I am in love! „Follow Me“ makes me think of camping trips, bond fires, garden parties, and brings back childhood memories – even adults feel adventurous again. This little lamp says „take me and go out explore“.


„Follow Me“ …into the sunset © 2015 Marset Iluminación S.A.

The small, portable lamp by marset follows you wherever you go. Its simple, understandable and appealing design makes „Followe Me“ an ideal companion for indoors and outdoors. Warm light and the oak handle provide the lamp with a wonderful materiality. Equipped with LED technology, a dimmer and a USB port it can be easily recharged (battery lasts 5-20 hours).


„Follow Me“ …under the blanket into a fantasy world © 2015 Marset Iluminación S.A.